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Dec 28, 2011 11:00am PST
feeding. moms are upset that a texas mom was hassled by target for nursing while christmas shopping. >> we want to come out in support of how she was treat and raise awareness for breast feeding in general. try to get people comfortable with getting it done in public. >> it is not just here in san jose, the company said that mothers are breast feeding in public areas without being made to feel uncomfortable. >> time to check back in on the weather. get ready for 2012. >> quite comfortable right now, across the board. not just inland. temperatures in the mid 50s, look at this beautiful sky, the golden gate bridge, many outside enjoying the nice weather. we have a lot of sunshine overhead. 56 in san jose. you can see what we have left in terms of showers, light, to the east of santa rosa. we will see another day with 60s down through the south bay. 61 in santa cruz, and conditions through tomorrow we will see a stronger off shore flow. expecting thick fog to develop, all day long. limited sunshine through thursday. we stop the clock at 9:00, continue that clock until 2:00  tomorrow, still d
Dec 23, 2011 11:00am PST
opened. rowdy crowds were even reported in texas and virginia. >>> another shooting at a walmart parking lot. it's the same place where a man was shot on black friday. it happened just after 10:00 last night at the store on hysterian boulevard. the man was well enough to drive himself to the hospital. on november 25, a man was shot in that parking lot. t . >>> both the house and senate have passed a two-month extension to the payroll tax cut. the bill is now on its way to the white house to be signed by the president. nbc's jennifer johnson reports. >> reporter: in less than two minutes the senate passed the bill, by unanimous consent, in a procedure where the senators could stay home and the vote went through and after several days of gridlock, the house followed, the bill extending the tax cut. >> i said it was critical for congress not to go home without preventing a tax increase on 160 million working americans and i'm pleased to say that they got it done. >> reporter: it means more money per paycheck for millions. >> this is a good day for the american people and the american people
Dec 22, 2011 11:00am PST
. florists say drought and bad weather made the plantsents scarce. texas says 60% of its supply was wiped out.retailers say it would cost about $5 a sprig and it's not worth the money. somehow we think holiday lovers don't mind. >> those don't right there. >> well, santa's gearing up pore his trip around the world. this weekend you can see exactly where he's going. >> that's right. he keeps track of us. now you can keep track of him starting saturday morning, kids can track his progress online. just go to norad san to find out where jolly old st. nick is headed. this year, you can also follow him on twitter. yeah, his twitter handle is #norad santa. if you don't want to grab your computer or smartphone, you can dial his number un. norad will patch you through to old st. nick himself. 1-877-hinorad. there's no escaping santa. >> santa has a twitter handle. >> a modern day. >> modern day technology. here we are. >> thanks so much for being with us. join us tonight at 5:00, 6:00 and 11:00. >> all day on
Dec 30, 2011 11:00am PST
chew sets governor mitt romney attacking texas congressman ron paul saying he doesn't represent the mainstream. but paul firing back. >> [ inaudible ]. >> ron paul would be dangerous as a president of the united states. >> one of the people running for president thinks it's okay for iran to have a nuclear weapon. i don't. >> according to the new polls, it looks like ron paul and mitt romney have the best chance for victory in iowa. >>> the olympic games in london says it could force something to close. it will make it very tough for shows in london's west end. three major musicals won't be staged during the games. the biggest hit, "the phantom of the opera" will go on as scheduled. advanced ticket sales for west end shows are running only 10% of their normal level. >>> tomorrow night people all over the world will be ringing in the new year. a long list with check out times square in new york city where the big ball drops every year for the countdown. before all the festivities take place, they have to do a test run. nbc bay area's katherine craig in new york city with a look at
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4